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Lava V100 Premium Vacuum Sealer

250 Bag Selection Free
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The V100 Premium model offers you extra features to help you work faster; a double sealing bar, the 'Lava Turbo Pump' which removes 35 litres of air per minute to a pressure of -0.9 bar, plus the unique 'Lava Close System' (magnetic lid). This external bag machine should be used with embossed vacuum sealer bags or continuous rolls up to a maximum width of 30cms (12"). When full vacuum is reached the pressure indicator will go from white to red, at which point engage the sealer switch. After just a few seconds the lid can be released. As well as the bags being used to keep produce fresh and to prevent freezer burn, they are suitable for use within Sous Vide water baths. An ideal way to prepare food to perfection.

Using the pump attachment supplied with the V100 Premium allows you to store delicate foods for longer with one of the many Lava accessories. Why not store delicate foods in a Lava acrylic vacuum containers. Cheese biscuits are an ideal example - they will keep fresh and crisp. No unnecessary wastage! Or what about freezing your homemade soup? When ready the whole container and contents can be popped into the microwave to heat up.
Lava has the answers to easy, convenient storage without wastage.

 The V100 Premium will work with both vacuum bags and continuous rolls. It can take sizes up to 30cms (12 inches) wide and will remove the air from a medium sized bag (20cms x 30cms) in about 10 seconds. The V100 Premium has a pressure indicator to show when the full vacuum is reached and the bag can then be heat sealed by manually pressing a switch. The sealing process takes about 5 seconds.

The V100 Premium can also be used to vacuum acrylic containers, using the vacuum pump attachment which is supplied with the machine. These are perfect for keeping salads, soft fruit and chopped vegtables in top condition for up to five times longer than they would normally keep. The acrylic containers we supply are made in Germany and can be used in the fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

Includes 250 Free bags of various sizes ideal for butchering down any carcass.

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