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LU11000 Premium LWS-Tronic Game Fridge £3950.00

Will hold either 8 x Roe deer, 4 x Fallow deer, 4 X Highland Reds or two monster lowland Stags.  PRICES INC. VAT
Product Code : SG11000
Optional Drip Tray
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This unit is ideal for the semi-professional stalker. Constructed totally from stainless steel, it includes twin hanging rails with telescopic loading bar. It will comfortably hold up to six roe deer, four highland reds or two monster lowland stags. Game bird hanging systems are also available for this model (as per LU10000B).

The LU 11000 game fridge will hold comfortably up to six roe deer, four to six fallow, four highland reds or two monster lowland stags.

This model is totally constructed from high grade stainless steel and is supplied in break-down format. The exterior has been shot blasted to give a matt finish. The interior contains twin hanging rails, which will hold up to 250kg each. Also supplied, an exterior loading bars which can be attached to any one of the two rails for easy loading of carcasses.

The latest TURBO SYSTEM with 35% more power will achieve desired set temperature within approx. 30 minutes. No need to constantly run the unit empty.

Take down system included


TURBOSYSTEM - 35% More Cooling Power - The turbo system has been designed to deliver 35% more cooling power on demand. No need to constantly run the unit empty to obtain the desired temperature. Only switch the unit on when you have a beast to hang. Desired temperature is normally reached within 10 minutes depending on outside temperature.

LWS TRONIC - Is the latest innovation in digitally controlled thermostat technology. You can set your desired temperature between 0 – 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature you select will remain constant inside the unit, regardless of outside weather conditions.

LaPlus - The LaPlus system continually circulates the air inside the unit, ensuring the equal distribution of cool air. (NO cold spots) This is extremely important especially with furred game to keep the meat in tip top condition.

  • With latest TURBO SYSTEM 35% more power. Will reach desired temperature within 20 minutes approx.
  • With LaPlus air circulation system to ensure even temperature distribution
  • LWS -Tronic Digital thermostat controller for precise temperature selection 0 - +12°c
  • Take down system - fridge can be dismantled to fit through standard door.
  • Magnetic closing full size door.
  • 4 x adjustable feet.
  • With lock and handle.
  • Standard 240v 13amp Mains supply.

NET WEIGHT: 150kgs
Dimensions: H x W x D
External: 249 x 90 x 90cms + 30cms CHILLER ON TOP
Internal: 233 x 80 x 80cms

Add 30 cm to height with top mounted chiller unit.

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